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Barbados Barbados


Botanical Barbados describes the multi-mix of distinct fruits and tropical aromas that indulge the senses. It has the aroma of orchids together with a host of fruits that makes every inhale as refreshing as it can be. How To Use:Take 10 - 1..

Bora Bora Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Like the French Polynesian Island of Bora Bora, this is one of the most flavoured shisha flavours of all. Apple Ice hits with sweet and tangy notes then ends with a touch of cool freshness, like sparkling ice cubes.How To Use:Take 10 - 12g (1-2 table..

Copacabana Copacabana


The lively Brazilian Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro inspired the luscious deep flavours of passionfruit, blueberry, and raspberry blend, leaving a lurking, and intense, tart lemon curd finish.How To Use:Take 10 - 12g (1-2 tablespoons) of juicy fl..

Cuba Cuba


The seductive note of lemon ignites taste explosions like the erotic salsa dance of Cuba. With juicy lemon feels, the classic sour taste combined with a sweet minty cold sensation. Perfect balance of mint & lemon.How To Use:Take 10 - 12g (1-2 tab..

Fiji Fiji


Fiji's coral reefs and clear lagoons are the vision for this flavour. Sweet watermelon melts perfectly into the intoxicating mint essence. Perfectly formulated to taste as authentic as possible, like biting into a real watermelon slice.How To Use:Tak..

Flamingo Beach Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach

Woooow is the sound on everyone's lips as their noses sense the alluring aroma of the luscious coconut scent. The tropical Flamingo beach sends you through an array of flavour notes. Giving a tropical experience, nutty and slightly sweet, then takes ..

Hawaii Hawaii


Velvety washed sands and volatile shores of Hawaii match the signature blend of the twinned juicy red and white grapes. An alluring tingly note of citrus fruit creates an unforgettable touch of the crisp, tropical paradise. A delight to the ever-popu..

Ibiza Ibiza


The blueberry’s Ibiza dance party sparks magic accents of cool sensation for all the Blueberry lovers. The classic blueberry mint many of us love is ramped up for a new experience that stays true to its origins. You’ll love the fresh flavour as it mi..

Ipanema Beach Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach

The jewel in the Brazilian city's crown is Ipanema beach. Just like the classic bonbon candy, this flavour freezes the throat from the very first puff. Interesting enough and long-playing. The presence of the mint induces a rich and invigorating impa..

Jamaica Jamaica


The marvellous fusion of Caribbean flavours exudes the spirit of tropical faraway places. The unmistakable mix of papaya, kiwi and tropical fruits taste and smell come together to give you the experience of sipping on a fruit cocktail in a crowded ba..

Juara Beach Juara Beach

Juara Beach

Another firm favourite for long time shisha lovers. The invigorating aroma of black grapes offer a strong and fruity taste and delicate aroma. Just like the beach of Juara on Tioman Island, let this flavour burst your senses with its rich and sweet ..

Lama Beach Lama Beach

Lama Beach

Influenced by its Italian charm and beautiful bay, the mouth-watering, juicy flavour resembles raspberries and watermelon. A slightly tangy flavour bites at the end, like kiwi. You may find slight hints of bubble-gum detected in a pleasant way. It is..

Long Beach Long Beach

Long Beach

Our signature flavour. Double apple is the number one favourite for all regular shisha smokers.  This flavour takes you on a sweet journey of a Californian summer, with mouth-watering apple slices and luscious tart anise undertones. Double th..

Maldives Maldives


Island dreams do come true, the unique fullness of pineapple and lime flavours that gently ripple the taste buds. The colourful fruits create a light airy finish that compares with the galactic blue waters surrounding the Maldives Islands.How To Use:..

Mauritius Mauritius


Like fireworks in the night sky of the Indian Ocean, the combinations of Pear and Apple unfold to form a unique rich taste that sparks an exciting burst of berries. This is for the people wanting to try something a bit different and is ready to have ..

Palolem Beach Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

Like the expressive night dancers of Palolem beach this flavour punches with an incredibly juicy mix of real mango fruit and icy mint. These two great flavours blend perfectly into a fruity and refreshing shisha flavour that will keep you coming back..

Pink Sand Beach Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach

Like the pink sand protruding along the turquoise shores of the Bahamas, Peach on Ice is the perfect choice for people who love the sweetness of peach along with the invigorating cooling sensation. The zesty menthol, jazzes it up and offers something..

Santorini Santorini


Indigo blue and paper white Santorini, this refreshing citrus energy flickers like the island’s active volcano. A lava of citrus variety explodes as a powerhouse and highlights the blinding punch of grapefruit and lime energy when erupted. How ..

Siesta Beach Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach

The sandy white shores of Siesta beach on the Gulf of Mexico inspires this classic fusion of bright lemons and cooling lime. A vibrant and fun flavour reminiscent of a fine margarita, for those that like the zest of freshly homemade lemonade.How To U..

White Heaven Beach White Heaven Beach

White Heaven Beach

The fashionable flavour of soft mint will melt into you as you sip the deep clouds, dreaming of the Australian shores of Whitehaven beach. Refreshing, energizing and yet so simple. A classic, time-honoured flavour that is a favourite again and again...

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