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About Us

Why Aroming?

Hi there and welcome, 

After four long years of continuous research and experiments in our German lab, we are thrilled to introduce our exciting flavours to you all. Our premium flavours contain 80% vegetable glycerine and 20% aroma carrier of European origin. The flavours give the essence of traditional shisha but are rich in taste, longer lasting, form bigger clouds and most significantly are completely 100% NICOTINE AND TOBACCO FREE.

Our Vision

To spread awareness that less harmful smoking products are available on the market.

Better Option

Aroming flavours were created while searching for a solution. Shisha in the GCC region has long been a habit and tradition, yet with an increase of people looking for no nicotine options and lack of alternatives in the market, we decided to create something extraordinary to fill that gap. We are proud to introduce you to the final product that has a stronger taste, longer time use and zero harmful chemicals than that of normal shisha flavour.

Product Information

Contents Weight (%)

All Natural Vegetable Glycerine 80%

Aroma of European Origin 10%

Aroma Carrier 10%


  • Food Security Certificate by
  • FDA
  • BfR 36/1 and 36/2
  • Organic and of Natural Origin
  • No Additives
  • My Lab – Certified Vape Product
  • Tobacco and Nicotine Free